Franky Sanji Luffy Zolo Ussop Chopper (from left to right) Robin(sitting down)

Like most other animes, the One Piece anime was inspired by a manga. It is about the boy Luffy, who dreams of becoming the king of pirates. He treasures the straw hat that Shanks, a famous pirate captain, gave him. First, he rescues, pirate hunter Roronoa Zolo, and Zolo gives up being a pirate hunter and decides to join Luffy's crew. The second person he gets is Nami (who is on the Wanted poster popping out of the paper) by beating up pirate captain Buggy and stealing his treasure. Nami is a thief, and Luffy's navigator for some time until and ordeal with Arlong that all got cleared up. After beating up Buggy, Luffy goes to an unimportant island and then to Usopp's island. Usopp is a liar, and a cheater, but also has really good aim. He tells stories to Miss Kaya, who is sickly, to cheer her up. But her butler, Klahadore, hates Usopp and chases him out of Miss Kayas estate. Later, at the beach, Luffy tells Usopp that he knows his father, Yasopp. Yasopp was the sharpshooter in Shank's crew. But then, Luffy spies Klahadore and a traveling hypnotist, Django, that are planning to kill Miss Kaya and inherit her fortune.


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